Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Snow Must Go On

I have been checking the weather forecasts for the coming weekend, and it seems like we might get  a little snow in northern New Jersey.  Well, maybe accumulations of one, maybe two . . . feet!
Check out the model for 1:00 PM Eastern Time for January 23, below.  

It's been almost a month since winter began, and despite some cold snaps, we've been pretty lucky in this part of the country, but it looks like our luck has finally run out.  This first major snowstorm for the area (we got a dusting on Sunday) could be a storm that's historic, significant, and whatever adjectives you can think of that you never want to see in a weather forecast.  The Weather Channel's projected accumulations have called on average for 14 inches of total accumulation. which could take awhile for people to dig out from.  Even if you have a snowblower.
The good news is that daytime temperatures - bear in mind that we're in the middle of a cold snap now - will be milder next week, so any snow we do get should melt a bit.  The bad news, apart from the fact that sub-freezing lows next week would produce black ice from the melted snow, is that The Weather Channel is forecasting rain and snow for that same period.
I would also add this.  Despite some indications that a milder weather pattern is possible for February, I think the groundhog is still going to see his shadow.  
Details for this storm have yet to be ironed out, so maybe this snowstorm won't be as bad as it seems on the GFS model runs or on any of the other weather models.  But it will still be bad.        

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