Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthday, Martin O'Malley!

He's 53 today. 
I don't think we should get him any presents today, though.  Let's wait a couple of weeks to give him a present.  I'm thinking of, say, an upset in the Iowa caucuses! :-)
Oh yes, last night's debate . . ..  Well, Marty got more time from NBC moderators Andrea Mitchell and Lester Holt than he did at the ABC debate in December.  Having said that, though, he didn't get nearly as much time as Hillary and Bernie, thanks to a lamestream media establishment still trying to frame the Democratic presidential race as a two-person contest.  However, Marty made the most of it and was able to interject a few valid points without seeming churlish.  And, when Holt prepared to wrap up the debate and said, "Is there anything that you did not get a chance to say? Let's start with Governor O'Malley," everyone laughed.  Including O'Malley.  He and the audience got the joke. Too bad Lester Holt didn't.

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