Music Video Of the Week

"We're In This Love Together," Al Jarreau
We lost Al Jarreau earlier this year, as he died one month short of his 77th birthday.  Jarreau had a lot of hit songs and gave many a great performance in the jazz world, and this song was one of his biggest hits.
"We're In This Love Together" is a straightforward ballad about two people in love and seeing it improve and endure.  Wikipedia refers to it as a song that "describes the precious and enduring quality of romantic love." It reached number fifteen on the Billboard singles chart in 1981 and was the first of three singles off Jarreau's 1981 album, Breakin' Away - appropriately enough, his commercial breakthrough.  (It was his fifth album.)
My Music Video Of the Week this week is the official promotional video for "We're In This Love  Together."  It didn't get any airplay on MTV, which debuted that year, and probably not because Jarreau was black.  More likely, it was not shown becasue it was too MOR or too cool-jazz for the album-rock audience MTV was catering to at the time.  (MTV may have stood for  "Music Television," but the programmers at the time pretended that heavy rock was the only form of music in existence.)  If you watched MTV in 1981, and your tastes have become more diverse since then, here's what you missed.  Enjoy.  
RIP, Al Jarreau. :-(