Music Video Of the Week

"Me My Friend," Family
In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the British rock band Family's debut album Music In a Doll's House this July 19, I present as my Music Video Of the Week Family performing the album's only single, "Me My Friend," on French television in 1968.
Music In a Doll's House had small record sales in Britain but a large impact on the British underground rock scene, paving the way for more adventurous rock records in the late sixties and early seventies - the time of Family's existence as a working band.  "Me My Friend" is indicative of that adventurous spirit - it's a trippy, cosmic song (more so on the LP) about a man having seen and done everything but feeling unsatisfied without someone to love or an ability to transport himself to a world of dreams.  Family would explore several unorthodox themes in many of their songs, most of which were written by Family guitarist Charlie Whitney and Family vocalist Roger Chapman.
This performance  emphasizes Chapman, on solo vocals (he shared lead vocals on "Me My Friend" with bassist Rick Grech on the record), drummer Rob Townsend, and multi-instrumentalist Jim King on soprano saxophone.  (Note King's ancient microphone.)  This take on "Me My Friend" is stripped down to basics, includes a verse not included on the record, and features Chapman's incredible magnetism as a frontman.  It's a perfect summation of how Family marched to its own beat - provided by Townsend, one of the most underrated drummers in rock history.  Enjoy.