Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Got Ed No More

I am no longer listening to Ed Schultz's podcast show.
For six years, I watched the progressive talk show host's MSNBC show, and I found him to be a voice of both sanity and righteous indignation.  Ed even read one of my questions on his program.  I continued to listen to his podcast after he was forced out of MSNBC, even though he threw his support to Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination while I have supported Martin O'Malley for the nomination as vehemently as he has supported Sanders.  Schultz has dismissed O'Malley for months, which I have tolerated.  But when he ridiculed O'Malley for simply being in the most recent Democratic debate, that was more than I could take.  I have now stopped listening to him.  Coincidentally, Ed was preparing to start hosting a half-hour nightly news program on RT America, a satellite television channel that is readily available on the Internet, and I was looking forward to watching it.  No more.
I had to unsubscribe from Schultz's daily e-mails promoting his podcast.  Doing so, I wrote the following explanation when asked why I was unsubscribing:  
I have long agreed with and continue to agree with much of what Mr. Schultz espouses.  I accept that he supports Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination, as it is his right to, and as a supporter of Martin O'Malley, I have never had any problem with Mr. Schultz's support for Senator Sanders.  In fact, Senator Sanders is my second choice.  But I have long grown tired of Mr. Schultz's dismissal of Mr. O'Malley's campaign and his insistent refusal to even acknowledge it.  When Mr. Schultz ridiculed Mr. O'Malley's participation in the last Democratic presidential debate and called his very inclusion into question, dismissing him as a loser and mimicking his call for equal time, I decided that I could no longer listen to Mr. Schultz's podcast.  I wish him good luck with his RT America show, which I have decided, on the basis of his attitude toward Mr. O'Malley, not to watch. 

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