Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Scott Walker For WHAT???

Scott Walker, who was recently re-elected fuhrer of de Wiskonseinisches Reich, wants to bring his good ol' style of populist fascism to the rest of America.  He's planning to run for President.

Many Republicans think that Walker (or, as I prefer to spell it, "WalKKKer") would be an ideal presidential candidate because, unlike Mitt Romney, who just pulled out of the 2016 Republican presidential campaign, he's a regular guy from a modest background and not an overprivileged rich dude like Romney is. But Walker's policies make Romney look like a Kennedy Democrat. He's trampled over the rights of the people of his state, pushing through legislation that gutted most of the public unions, restricting voting rights, cutting spending on social programs, refusing to expand Medicaid in his state under the Affordable Care Act, and running roughshod over environmental interests, thanks to support from his two rich surrogate uncles, Charles and David Koch. He won't expand mass transit or support whatever mass transit exists in Wisconsin, he's now planning to cut funding for the University of Wisconsin while pushing for an expensive sports stadium for Milwaukee, and he's pretty much run Planned Parenthood clinics out of the state while extinguishing women's reproductive rights.

How can I not compare this dangerous reactionary ideologue to Adolf Hitler?  I was thinking that I could be more restrained, and just compare him to Mussolini, but then that would be unfair, as explained below . . .

Scott WalKKKer is riding high in recent polls, and he's even outpolling Jeb Bush.  He's personable, he's likable, and thus he's the perfect con man to sell the Koch-headed, anti-middle-class, racist, misogynistic, corporate agenda that reactionaries in this country have been pushing for years.  If Walker gets the Republican presidential nomination and then wins the White House, it's game over.
And you know he'll shut down Amtrak first.
As you can guess from this blog post, I hate Scott WalKKKer.  "Hate" is, admittedly, a very strong word, and I use it sparingly to convey my negative feelings about other people.  Most people I have negative feelings about, I simply dislike.  I dislike Chris Christie and Rand Paul.  I dislike George W. Bush.  I dislike Kanye West, who probably more than dislikes George W. Bush.  But I don't hate them.  In fact, the only two other living people that I unequivocally hate are Madonna and Rush Limbaugh.  So Scottzo is in exclusive company.
And I'm not the only one who hates him.  The rock band the Dropkick Murphys had him stop using their songs in his rallies. (Rallies!)  They made him stop because, as they explained to him, "We really hate you."
So, yeah, I hate him.  And I'll hate him even more if he's our next President and does to America what he's done to Wiskonsein (formerly Wisconsin). 
I really, really hate him.

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