Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Wednesday Weather

The storm this past Monday generated a lot of ice but did not cut my power, and I'm glad to have made it through.  More winter storms are on the way, though; not only is there a likely snowstorm for this coming Sunday or Monday, but there could be even bigger storm around Valentine's Day.  Just remember that at 30-inch snowfall is preferable to half an inch of ice.
Of course, some weather services are hinting that chances for an ice storm remain strong through the remainder of February and into March.
All I can say is, I'm glad February is a short month and will feel even shorter this year, given that its 28 days are neatly compacted into four calendar weeks instead of spread out over five.  Here's how February 2015 looks on a calendar page.
Now here's what February 2017 will look like on the calendar page.

They both have the same number of days, but fess up: Doesn't February 2017 look longer?
Snow or no snow, it's going to remain bitterly cold for the next couple of weeks.  The bright side?  Long-range outlooks expect a few bursts of mild air through next month (March 2015), which shouldn't be as cold as February.  April isn't expected to be very warm, but it shouldn't be freezing either.  That said, a white Easter - Easter falls on April 5 this year - can't necessarily be ruled out.
We'll see . . ..  

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