Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sick Policy

Up until late this past week, Democrats were worried that Donald Trump, having been non-vindicated by William Barr's non-exonerating synopsis of the Mueller report, will build his base into a formidable juggernaut by whipping up anti-Democratic (and anti-democratic) sentiment over his opponents' investigations into his international and financial dealings.  
They can rest easy now. Trump wants to dismantle the remainder of the Affordable Care Act.
Democrats won back the House and were able to prevent huge losses in the Senate while capturing seven governorships - all while emphasizing health care at a time when the Affordable Care Act has actually become quite popular.  Democrats are more than ready to let Trump try to tear the health care law out while defending it.
Of course, the Democrats could easily snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if any of the leading Democratic candidates for the Presidency advocate some form of single-payer health care system - at a time when the politics and the process to get there are non-existent - allowing Trump to bash the Affordable Care Act because some Democrats want to replace it either. At least the Democrats have something to replace it with.  Hopefully, though, they won't overreach and try to give us single-payer when it can't happen just yet.
Of course, a certain politician from Maryland suggested phasing in an all-payer approach as a way of getting to single-payer, but you know how Democrats are, they won't listen to reason within their own ranks.            

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