Monday, May 15, 2017

Wacky Weather

Yeah, that . . . 
This past weekend we got another two-inch rainfall in my area, the third - or fourth - heavy rainfall this spring, and it's only May 15.  Temperatures have been downright chilly, at one point reaching below 40 degrees Fahrenheit one night this past week.  And the normal spring pollen hasn't helped matters for me any.  
Temperatures should get back to normal early this week . . . before they get above normal - way above normal - later this week.  How about 90 for a high on Thursday, with a heat index of a couple of degrees higher than that?
So after wearing sweatshirts all last week, now I'm going to sweat?  And we have to get our fans out sooner rather than later if we want to get any sleep Wednesday and Thursday nights?
No climate change, huh? 

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