Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Grammy Update

Last week I wrote that I was relieved when Kanye West didn't jump out of nowhere to hijack Adele's acceptance speech for the Record of the Year Grammy with a protest on Beyoncé's behalf.  It turns out he was never at the ceremony.  He had threatened to boycott the Grammys if hip-hop/R&B performer Frank Ocean wasn't nominated for anything.  Ocean then declared that he didn't want to be nominated for any Grammys, neutralizing West's boycott threat, but West stayed home anyway.
Adele, of course, dedicated her wins to her Beyoncé, even saying that Madame Knowles-Carter should have won those same awards.  A friend of mine on Facebook said that this was because Adele didn't deserve to win them, and she knew it.
And I don't know why this person is a friend of mine.
I do know that some observers are suggesting that Beyoncé lost seven out of nine Grammy nominations because of racism - this suggestion being made at a time when hip-hop/R&B records dominate the music awards as much as the pop charts and when traditionalist rock bands can't even get arrested.  Perhaps racism had nothing to do with Beyoncé's losses.  Maybe she's just overrated and overexposed. 
All hateful comments from Beyoncé fans telling me what I can do with myself will be unpublished and deleted.  Kanye, you've been warned. :-p

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