Monday, January 9, 2017

An Ice Weekend?

We just got a few inches of snow where I live.  In the meantime, I've seen some weather reports indicating rain and freezing rain for the Martin Luther King holiday coming up next weekend . . . specifically, next Sunday night into Monday morning.  It's expected to be light - so far - and it should hopefully warm up to the point where it's only plain rain.  But this forecast is still a week out.  An ice storm isn't out ofthe question.  Remember, a week before Hurricane Sandy, that storm was excepted to miss us entirely.  
So now I wait to see if we in fact will experience our first electrical outage of 2017, or whether we get through it and still hold out hope for our first outage-free calendar year since 2008 (yeah, right).  Also, even if we do escape ice next weekend, there's another threat coming late next week.
Why do I still write about possible ice storms despite the fact that they never seem to materialize?  I figure that if I keep writing about it, then nothing will happen.  Hey, it's worked so far!
In the meantime, this week is supposed to be warm after a bitterly cold start.   

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