Monday, December 19, 2016

Not Up To Speed

I have bad news for railfans.
The federal government has proposed spending more than $120 billion over thirty years for improvements on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor rail line, which include new trains, new stations, improved track, a new tunnel, and upgrades to bridges,  
Why is that bad news, apart from the fact that this is only a proposal?
Because a more ambitious proposal to build a parallel high-speed line between Boston and Washington for trains going up to 220 miles an hour was rejected.
I give up.  We're never - never - going to have real high-speed rail in this country, maybe not even in California.
So take a good look at this French TGV . . .

. . . because you're never going to see anything like that here.  You're better off going to France, though I wouldn't suggest moving there, because Marine LePen might be France's next president.
Oh well, you know what they say about half a loaf . . .  

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