Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Get Over It

Well, the Electoral College voted for President.  And even though the official count before a joint session of Congress doesn't take place until January 6, we already know the results - Donald Trump won.  It seems that secret ballots aren't so secret when it comes to electoral votes - the count was made public before Congress had the pleasure of hearing the final tally in person.
And efforts to deny a presidential candidate with enough electoral votes to win a bare majority as constitutionally required worked out very differently than envisioned.  One candidate did indeed lose a significant number of votes to so-called faithless electors, casting a shadow over that candidate's bid for the Presidency and making people realize what a bad idea it was to nominate said candidate.
Unfortunately, that candidate was Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump lost two electors in Texas, one of whom voted for John Kasich while the other voted for Ron Paul, bringing his total to 304 votes.  But Hillary?  She lost five electoral votes - three in Washington State that went to Colin Powell (a Republican!), one from the same state that went to Native American activist Faith Spotted Eagle, and one vote from Hawaii that went to Bernie Sanders.  She would have lost seven electoral votes if two other electors, one from Maine and another from Minnesota, had been able to vote for Sanders without having their votes invalidated by state laws binding them to their party's nominee.
There you have it: Hillary was so unacceptable that she lost more electoral votes than the Donald, even after all those efforts to cause massive electoral defections from Trump.  Hillary supporters will still insist to the end of the year and through the next four years that their candidate won and she's the legitimate President.
Dear Hillbots:  You lost.  Get over it.  You backed the wrong candidate in the primaries, and now you have to live with the fact that you were instrumental in bringing down the Democratic Party like a house of cards.
And for Pete's sake, stop blaming the Russians.  Even though the FBI now agrees with the CIA that the Russians must have hacked the Democratic National Committee's e-mails, neither agency has produced proof of that.  Also, all of those damaging e-mails have one thing in common - they're true.  And there's no way Putin could have hacked electronic voting booths - they weren't hooked up to the Internet.            
To respond to the inevitable complaint that the Democrats will be strong again and ready for 2020 after having learned the lessons of 2016, when they narrowed their choices for the nomination for President down to an ex-First Lady and a codger, dig this: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Michelle Obama (!) are the Democratic front-runners for 2020.
And Governor O'Malley?  Dr. Stein?  Please consider joining forces and forming a new party together to replace the Democrats!   Because after a lifetime's worth of lessons in 2016, they still haven't learned anything.

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