Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Nuke Year

Donald Trump sees Russia's Vladimir Putin interested in making more nuclear weapons, so it's game on for Team USA!  As President, he plans to ramp up production of nuclear arms in this country, and may the greater participant emerge victorious!
Well, so, much for the détente a Trump Presidency promised. 
Of course, if Armageddon does start, it won't start in the Baltic region or Ukraine, but in the Middle East, where the actual Battle of Armageddon was fought.  And Israel will be ground zero.  After the Obama administration abstained and let a United Nations resolution against Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory pass, most Republicans and some Democrats slammed the abstention.  Trump has promised to rectify that and appoint as his ambassador to Israel a far-right Zionist named David Friedman and putting the U.S. clearly on the side of Israel and against everyone else.     
For his part, Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the U.S. and other countries can disagree with Israel on the settlement issue, but that the United Nations Security Council is not the place to discuss it.  Well, what is the place? Seems like that would be the perfect  place to discuss it, because stopping the settlements would help produce security to the Middle East.  
It is called the "Security Council."
Oh yeah, Trump has dismissed the U.N.'s existence.  I suppose the United Nations will expel the U.S., and move to Geneva, freeing Trump's companies to turn that building on the East Side into condos.
To be served by the new Second Avenue Subway, which could also double as a bomb shelter. :-O 

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