Monday, October 24, 2016

The Last Shall Be First

Wow.  Just . . . wow. :D

Baseball's Chicago Cubs, who haven't won the World Series since Roosevelt was President - Teddy Roosevelt - won their first National League pennant since Harry Truman was President . . . specifically, since Truman's first year in the White House (1945).  The Billy Goat curse placed on the Cubs when a fan wasn't allowed to bring his pet goat to a 1945 World Series game at Wrigley Field (the Detroit Tigers won the World Series that year) has only been partially reversed, though.  Because now, of course, the Cubs have to win Major League Baseball's ultimate championship when they play the winners of the American League pennant in the World Series.
That would be the Cleveland Indians.

The Indians haven't won the Series since 1948, but they'd thrice won the American League pennant since then - in 1954, 1995 and 1997.  Now the Tribe, as their fans affectionately call them, seek to reverse the curse that has dogged almost every major-league sports team in Cleveland.  But the Cavaliers won the National Basketball Association championship earlier this year, so if the Indians win this championship, the city will really go full tilt boogie in its celebrations. 
I'm rooting for the Cubs, because they've suffered more and been through more than the Indians.  It just may be that the prediction from Back To the Future II that the Cubs would win the Series in the twenty-first century wasn't wrong, just one year off. :-D  Either way, though, the winning team of this Major League Baseball championship will make history like no team has ever made baseball history before.   Here we are - a Great Lakes Series, pitting the City By the Lake against the Mistake By the Lake. :-D Bring it on! :-)    

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