Sunday, February 7, 2016

No Record Reviews For Awhile

Don't expect a record review on this blog this Super Bowl Sunday . . . or any Sunday in the near future.
There's too much going on at my house right now.  As I noted here before, my mother and I had a kitchen remodeling project started in November that was expected to take four to six weeks.  It's taken twelve weeks and counting, and a project that was expected to be done just before Christmas may not even be done by Easter.  I won't go into more details for now, except to say that the house has been turned inside out so much, I'm to embarrassed to show you the room I'm typing this in.  
So, obviously, I have no time to listen to a record a few times and put my opinion of it into carefully constructed words.  Even if I did have the time, I'm in no mood right now to do it.  So you'll just have to wait awhile longer.
Kind of like us waiting for our kitchen. 

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