Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I Crossed My Old Man Back In Oregon

I'm sorry.  This Oregon  thing . . ..  If these were Muslim extremists hijacking a federal facility, the media would be going bonkers over this.  But these are ranchers.  Or so they say.
A group of self-described militiamen has taken over and occupied a federal facility in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon (below) in to protest a government takeover of land that, it turns out, occurred in 1908 - when the refuge was created.  Ammon Bundy - yes, he's Cliven Bundy's son - says that a pair of ranchers, a father and a son named Hammond, are being unfairly treated for setting control fires to stop the spread of invasive plants and to protect their ranch acreage from wildfires.
There was just one thing wrong - the fires were set on federal land.

The ranchers Bundy says he's standing up for are now in jail, and Bundy says he and his group won't give up the headquarters building until justice is done.  They haven't quite explained how justice as they see it would be served, though.  In the meantime, they continue to occupy the wildlife refuge headquarters building, and the federal government is doing . . . well, so far, pretty much nothing.
I guess this is an example of getting the government off our backs?
And how do the Hammonds feel about this?  They want nothing to do with these jokers.  And oh yes, they weren't apprehended, they turned themselves in.  The locals in Oregon sympathize with the Hammonds but not with the Bundy bunch.   
Now, when a group of commandos take over a federal facility and occupy it by force, what do you call that?
I won't insult your intelligence with the answer.   

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