Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out With a Whimper

The year 2015 is ending badly for me.  Even worse, the year 2016 will begin with the same baggage that I'm ending the old year with.  I accidentally hit my car against a concrete lamppost base at low speed in a parking lot last week during a heavy rainfall at night, which ruined my visibility.  It can be repaired, and my car is in fact still driveable, but the earliest I could get an appointment to bring it in to my body shop is January 12, which may see a winter storm if all of the long-range predictions are right - and if it's an ice storm, well, I might as well wait until March to bring it in!  Also, my mother has been trying to get our kitchen remodeled, and it, uh, hasn't been working out according to plan.  I can't say more about that than I already have, except that it's disrupted the rhythm in our house quite considerably.
And I might have to concede the likelihood of my presidential candidate having to bow out after the press spent the summer and fall ignoring his campaign to death. 
In short, I'm not in a good mood right now, and I'm not sure when I will be in one. But I'll try to enjoy this New Year's Eve.
From a year with three Friday the 13ths to a leap year with a fifth Monday in February - what could go wrong?  Happy new year.
Just don't tell Mom I mentioned the kitchen.            

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