Sunday, June 28, 2015

Company Holt!

Lester Holt is in, and Brian Williams is out.

After taking a leave of absence over false statements he made about his reporting in the Middle East, Williams was hoping to be back in the NBC Nightly News anchor by August, but NBC made a different decision. Williams is being "re-assigned," and Holt, his temporary replacement, now takes over permanently. This makes Holt the first black broadcast network news anchor since ABC's Max Robinson and the first black broadcast network news anchor ever to anchor solo. (Robinson was part of a three-man team.)
Holt is a solid guy, a real pro.  NBC News, which has been suffering with credibility issues lately (most of which involve Chuck Todd), needs him right now.       
As for Williams, who once expressed a desire to host "The Tonight Show," and whose on-camera abilities could have easily led him to host a fake-news show on cable . . . well, what is his new "re-assignment?" It's more of a demotion. In fact, if NBC were a branch of the military (and we know how much Williams loves those ol' war stories), it would be more like a decommission. He's being assigned to MSNBC to cover "breaking news."
In other words, we're not likely to see or hear from him again unless there's a celebrity scandal - one much juicier and more titillating than his own.  Even then, few people are likely to notice Williams.  Fess up:  How many people watch MSNBC anymore?    

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