Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hate Producing Hate

I've always been afraid of America being ridden with so many factions that the country would start tearing each other part into little pieces.  It looks like it might have started in Texas.
An anti-Islamic hate group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, is known to promote hatred of Muslims and is trying to stop the extension of the practice of Islam in the United States.  Its leader , Pamela Geller, is considered such a hateful woman that Great Britain won't let her into that country.  Her group held a cartoon contest in which participants competed to win a $10,000 prize for the best caricature of the Prophet Mohammed, which was an obvious provocation, as no depiction of the  Prophet, not even a respectful one, is allowed under Islam.  Two Muslims who may or may not have been connected to the Islamic State attacked the event.  Both attackers were killed.
The incident boils down to this: Some damned fools incited some other damned fools in a mutual case of religious intolerance.  Geller's group has tried to demonize Islam, while the Islamic State and its supporters have tried to demonize non-believers.  Coupled with the Second Amendment, this was bound to provoke what happened. 
I feel nauseous . . ..   

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