Sunday, March 1, 2015

March: In Like Three Lions

Heck, March is coming in like a whole pride!
Tonight, my area is expected to get snow changing to a wintry mix overnight. with an average of three inches of snow and sleet and less than a tenth of an inch of ice.  Then on Tuesday night (March 3) a wintry mix of rain and snow changing to all rain after an average snow/sleet accumulation of two inches will taper off Wednesday morning (March 4), followed by rain mixing with snow Wednesday night . . . which could end up being a major snowstorm.  So there you have it: three winter storms within as many days!  This is all coming on the heels of a winter storm the Weather Channel named Remus, which mostly affected the South.  And I'll bet Remus dumped so much snow and ice on Dixie that Southerners were crying uncle! :-D 
Early indications were that one or two of these three storms expected to affect my area would produce enough ice to affect the tree limbs and the power lines, but for now it appears that none of this is likely to happen . . . at least not this week.  Bear in mind that some of the worst winter storms have occurred in March . . . and a nor'easter from March 2010, which laid waste to our electricity and cable service and dropped an evergreen tree on our garage roof was all rain and no snow - but it had a lot of wind packing an Evander Holyfield-style punch.  You can read all about it here.
Oh yeah, remember when I said that this February would seem shorter than usual because it was compacted into four calendar weeks rather than spread out over five?  Yeah, I take that back.  Because in  those four calendar weeks we had record low temperatures, three winter storms, notable ice accretions, a violent windstorm, and the threat of a blackout always hanging over us like the sword of Damocles.  I'm just glad I don't live in Boston.  (Oh yeah, the Pats won the Super Bowl, and Boston managed to find a decent day to give them a parade, in case you, ahem, didn't hear. :-p )
Here's something else to ponder:  Except for leap years, March follows the same calendar as February.  So, when you think about it, March is merely February repeated . . . with a few extra days at the end.  And if anyone bought my claptrap about how a four-calendar-week February would seem to go by faster, I'm very, very sorry.
I write about the weather to get my mind off John Boehner's ineptitude . . ..         

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