Saturday, February 28, 2015

Internet 1, Big Telecom 0

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to establish rules for the Internet that allow everyone to access the Net equally, which means that this blog can be loaded and accessed just as easily and as quickly as a big-time Web site, with no differentiation between the two.  Everyone is equal.
Not surprisingly, Big Telecom has a problem with that.  The telecommunications companies argue that this is just one more example of government regulation stifling the ability to offer different levels of services to recoup their investments and allow continued "innovation" and the ability to provide more broadband access to more customers.  In other words, this regulations keep them from making money.  It also prevents them from frustrating the efforts of bloggers like myself to communicate with others and call attention to issues like a possible second war in Iraq and Scott Walker's quest to abolish unions in Wisconsin.
The only people who would benefit from a deregulated Internet are major corporations who want to sell you something - not just products, but crappy Internet service - and keep independent bloggers, small business start-ups, and alternative media from crashing the party.  Which is why House Republicans are working on legislation to reverse Uncle Charlie's new rules and Big Telecom is planning to sue.  This despite public commentary directed to the FCC that argued for the new rules.
The battle for a free Internet has been won.  But the war goes merrily on. :-O   

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