Friday, June 8, 2012

I'll Not Have Another

It looked like the race horse I'll Have Another would have another victory at Belmont Park tomorrow and thus clinch the Triple Crown, making it the first time a horse has won all three races in the series (the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness are the first two) since 1978.  We'll have to wait longer for history to be made.  I'll Have Another developed tendonitis and will be retired immediately, and so he will not be racing at Belmont at all.
The only people immediately affected are oddsmakers, having to go back to the drawing board to figure out the odds on which horse is going to win tomorrow.  But the big loser could be thoroughbred racing - interest in the Belmont race is expected to diminish literally overnight as a result.   Give credit to I'll Have Another's owner an d trainers for doing the right thing and literally giving the poor animal a rest.
Ah, so what if a Triple Crown drought of 34 years and counting continues? Dude, there are baseball fans on the North Side of Chicago waiting for the Cubs to win the world series for the first time since (Theodore) Roosevelt was President.

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Steve said...

Update: The Belmont race was won by a horse named Union Rags.