Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm writing this from a library computer.  The hard drive on my PC crashed last night for reasons still unclear, if not unknown.  I was able to recover most of my files, but our computer has to be set back to the way it was when my mother and I got it.  I couldn't save anything written on Word.  That means every Word file, including material intended for later use on this blog, is irretrievably gone. :-(
I'm going on "virtual hiatus."  By that, I mean I'm going to post occasionally here, but not as much as I usually do.  I have to devote time to restoring the computer to the way it was before it went haywire.  As for my Music Video Of the Week, I should still be able to post one this coming Friday.  I'll have to play it by ear (no pun intended).
In the meantime, I'd like to make two brief comments on previous posts.  Last Thursday, I said that the the Democrats hold 21 governorships in the U.S., based on the fact that the Republicans hold 29.  In fact, the Democrats have 20 governorships - I forgot about Rhode Island, whose governor, Lincoln Chaffee, is an independent.
Also, I'll make it official: This blog endorses Tom Barrett for governor in the Wisconsin recall election.  Maybe he'll actually win.
Back later.  

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