Saturday, February 20, 2010

Skiing and Sledding

More from Vancouver:
Lindsey Vonn had a dismal run in the women's super-combined skiing race on Thursday, but she turned out to be grateful for her bronze medal in the Super G run. Julia Mancuso more or less batted about .500 (to cop a phrase from another sport) as well, in reverse order. After winning the silver medal in the super-combined event (behind Vonn's German friend Maria Riesch), she failed complete the Super G run. I'm sure many Americans are happy that the darling duo of American women's skiing won medals just the same.
Even if they don't know what the difference between super-combined and Super G is. :-D
Meanwhile, the bobsled races have started. Finally - my favorite sledding event! :-) I've always considered bobsledding to be the safest of the three sledding sports, comparatively speaking, if only because bobsledders have steel protecting them on three sides and they're sitting rather than lying on their backs. The two-man races are underway. One American team got off to a slow start and almost lost control of the sled, but finished the race, and almost took the lead in record time. :-)

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