Monday, February 8, 2010

The Saints Go Marching In

Wait . . . you mean the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl?
My mother had the game on the TV set in our kitchen. She watched it; I just happened to be in the room. When she left the room, I turned off the set. The Colts were ahead ten to three, and the Saints kept getting blocked a couple of yards ahead of the goal line. I turned it off.
Well, as the the entire country knows by now, the Saints pulled off the sports upset of the century. After eking out another field goal at the end of the second quarter, The Saints rebounded in the third quarter with an onside kick that discombobulated the Colts and scored fifteen points in the fourth quarter - winning 31-17.
Mardi Gras game to New Orleans nine days early. The Saints, a franchise dating back to 1967, played in and won its first Super Bowl ever - an outcome no one expected. And for the second time in history, the Colts - last upset by the Jets when they were a Baltimore team in Super Bowl III in 1969 - lost a championship game they should have won.
Hmm, maybe the United States will actually pull an upset and win the World Cup soccer tournament this summer.
(World Cup by 2010 - it can't be done!)

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