Monday, February 8, 2010

The Mark On the Beast

It's official: Sarah Palin is the Madonna of politics. Just when I think the former Alaska governor has done everything possible to make my jaw drop, I find it on the floor again.
Palin made a speech to the tea party convention in Nashville that hit new lows in snarkiness and churlishness. Her ridicule of President Obama's supporters, delivered whole addressing them in the second person, said it all: "How's that hopey, changey stuff working out for ya?"
Her lowest point was when she chided Obama for being little more than a charismatic speaker who knows how to use a TelePrompter. So, what were those marks on her hand?
Apparently Sarah Palin - whose name, remember, is an anagram for "a plain rash" - had something on her skin that turned out to be more than an a case of eczema. She wrote crib notes on the palm of her left hand to remind her of her talking points. They were: "Energy," "Tax Cuts" (originally "Budget Cuts," but changed to "Tax"with the word "Budget" crossed out) and "Lift America's Spirits." She's so dumb, she can't even remember the bedrock principles Republicans have chanted like a mantra for thirty years. I could compare this to Ronald Reagan's handlers positioning him by marking places for him to stand with taped squares, but Reagan at least not only knew how to articulate his beliefs, but, more importantly, he knew what his beliefs were.
Even worse was how obvious it was. I mean, photographers actually got a shot of Palin's palm while she was at the lectern, and afterwards, as she took questions while seated on what appeared to be a throne, she proceeded to read her palm . . .

. . . literally!
Yeah, yeah, I know, was that even her own handwriting? :-D
Why would we want to elect as President someone nearly forty-six years old (her birthday is Thursday) who still uses something you could get detention for in third grade if you used it there?
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's an imposturous politician.
(Imposturous? ;-) )

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