Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MSNBC's Weekday Problem

Earlier today I commented on MSNBC's unwillingness to air news shows or talk shows on the weekends. But that's only part of their problem. While the liberal cable news channel is holding its own well enough on weeknights, their weekday morning and afternoon programming is still in need of fine tuning.
This past summer MSNBC launched two weekday shows anchored by anchorman Dylan Ratigan and NBC medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman. Both shows have been canceled and will soon be replaced. And so the shows hosted by Ratigan and Dr. Snyderman join the shows of John Hockenberry, Phil Donahue, and the late Jerry Nachman, as well as Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley's "Connected: Coast to Coast," in the Archipelago of Failed MSNBC Shows - where Happy, the baby new year, has reportedly been sighted after having been missing for a decade.
MSNBC had long been throwing anything to the wall to see what sticks to produce a lasting prime time lineup, something the network finally achieved with some coherent planning. Now they need to do the same for their daytime schedule.
Incidentally, anyone who's watched MSNBC lately most likely has noticed that the network has changed its graphics and now spells out its initials in lowercase letters. I just hope the liberal network isn't on its way to belittling itself.

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