Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Philatelic Woes

I'm on a budget these days, and I can't afford all of the stamps the United States Postal Service has issued in the past year, though even if I could, I wouldn't want to buy all of them anyway. Stamps honoring "The Simpsons?" Puh-LEEZE!
Anyway, the recession has had its own effect on the Postal Service. Three issues planned this year were shelved - the fourth set of ten stamps in the Flags of Our Nation series, a holiday stamp depicting an angel with a lute, and a commemorative honoring Edward Hopper. The first two have been rescheduled for 2010; the Edward Hopper stamp is still on hold, likely never to be issued. Meant for the Postal Service's American Treasures series, the 2010 issue in that series will honor another painter - Winslow Homer.
Fans of Edward Hopper, who was famous for painting lonely, desolate scenes, must feel really lonely now.

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