Monday, November 2, 2009

Strong As a Bull

The Ford Motor Company surprised everyone by posting a billion-dollar profit for the third quarter of 2009. This proves that Ford's business decisions, dating back to their restructuring of a few years ago, are beginning to pay off. The company managed to avoid bankruptcy and produce some fine product - Ford cars are the best-made domestic cars right now - and they had fuel-efficient automobiles on the market during the "cash for clunkers" program when GM and Chrysler had few models in that market segment. Also, they continue to receive a lot of goodwill from car buyers by not taking federal bailout money.
Ford still has a few problems. They can't wipe out their debts the way GM and Chrysler did in Chapter 11, and getting unions to make concessions designed to cut costs hasn't been easy. But the way forward, as their restructuring plan was called, sounds more like a real plan of action than a slogan.
I happen to like the new Taurus. :-)

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