Saturday, January 6, 2018

So Cold It Blows

The forecast for a snowstorm that was supposed to be no big deal for my area turned out to be just that.  The coastal storm shifted more inland even as its pressure rapidly dropped with no floor in sight - a process called "bombogenesis," the word twisted out of proportion by on-camera TV meteorologists who want to scare people - and produced more snow than initially expected.  (Ain't that always the case?)  But the snowfall paled in comparison to the bitter winds and the equally bitter cold that have followed - temperatures are supposed to get below zero this weekend, and to respond to complaints from foreigners that I'm making too big a deal of sub-zero readings . . . I ain't talking Celsius!  (It's going to be 18 or 19 below Celsius, is that below zero enough for you fans of centigrade?)
To add insult to injury, even though temperatures are supposed to recover to a point above freezing by Monday, the "warmup" could be accompanied by rain and sleet.  And some forecasts haven't ruled out some sort of ice accretion in the Northeast next weekend.
Anyway, we in New Jersey got lucky.  The South Shore of Massachusetts - where some of my friends live - got hit hard, particularly Kingston and Scituate. Maine and Nova Scotia got hit worse.  There should be a January thaw for the Northeast and the Canadian Maritimes soon, but February could see more of what we just had.
Winter is only beginning . . .
The latest hijinks in Trump World?  Relax, I'll get to it.

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