Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Missouri Compromised

Are you kidding me?
There was plenty of evidence to indict Ferguson, Mo. policeman Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown, since he clearly did not display proper protocol in handling an assailant.  Even if Wilson did have reason to fear Brown, he could have simply handled him with a billy club at the most, but not with a gun.  And did Wilson have reason to fear a young man who was the same height as he is and wasn't much bigger?  Wilson's statement of feeling like a five-year-old boy with Hulk Hogan bearing over him was so fantastically stupid, Hulk Hogan himself would have a case if he sued Wilson for defamation.
Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan's real name) may not sue Wilson, but Wilson will likely be facing a civil wrongful death suit and federal charges as well.  The lawyers and prosecutors will likely handle these cases more properly St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCullough, who presented all of the evidence in the case rather than just the evidence that warranted an indictment (is this what they mean by Missouri being the "Show-Me State?") and then let the grand jury decide Wilson's fate rather than let it go to a trial jury . . . instead of trying to get an indictment to let the process continue.  Vincent Warren of the New York Times explained it as thus: "That’s not a legal failure, that’s politics."
If political concerns are the new standard for justice in America, then we're in trouble.  The judiciary in These States has already been politicized to the point where people who feel they have no redress of grievances are acting out angrily with nothing left to lose.  We get no justice, then we get no peace. 
Know justice.  Know peace.

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