Saturday, April 13, 2019

There Is No Democratic Front Runner For President In 2020

There is no Democratic front runner for President in 2020.  
Let me repeat: There is no Democratic front runner for President in 2020!
I'll say it again: There is no Democratic front runner for President in 2020!!
I re-iterate: There is no Democratic front runner for President in 2020!!     
Okay, Bernie Sanders has a healthy lead among the declared Democratic presidential candidates, and his socialistic ideas are becoming widely popular among Democratic primary voters.  And, Joe Biden leads Sanders when you include him, even though he is undeclared as of now, and he represents the meat-and-potatoes Democrats who can't be bothered with Sanders' "revolution." But neither Biden nor Sanders are close to a majority.  Meanwhile, Beto O'Rourke is slowly rising by and competitive against Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg is even more competitive, placing third in some polls; he's like an Energizer bunny that doesn't slow down.  And the candidates in the single digits still have a chance to break out in Iowa or New Hampshire, as the voting is a long way away.  Everyone running so far comes to the table with different ideas and different perspectives, and Democratic primary voters have plenty of time to sort them out.  Don't believe anyone who says that Bernie Sanders is definitely going to win the nomination.
Well, he might.  It's worth noting that Sanders supporters - the Islamic State of Democratic primary voters - have so far expressed zero tolerance for an alternative, and they hope to get revenge against what the Democratic establishment did to him in 2016 by getting him the nomination.  I haven't seen any sign that he could win against Trump, though, and his supporters steadfastly refuse to consider an alternative because other candidates aren't "progressive" enough.  They wouldn't accept Martin O'Malley as an alternative in 2016 because they found his very liberal record as governor of Maryland - you know about Matthew Yglesias' article, I won't link to it again - insufficient.  Barack Obama made a note of this at a town hall in Berlin where he expressed fear that the Democrats could help Trump by fighting each other over a purity test instigated by the Bernie bros. 
You know, if Sanders supporters had been more open to O'Malley and recognized that he had a better chance to win, Hillary Clinton would have never been the nominee and O'Malley most likely would have defeated Trump,  and the rest of the 2010s would have been different.  But that was not to be, largely because Bernie bros (and their sisses) are an obnoxious, elitist bunch - more so than the Hillbots of 216.  So, again, don't believe that Sanders - or Biden, or that matter, assuming he actually runs - has the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination in the bag.  In fact, I predict a brokered convention in 2020, given the vast quantity of candidates.  So, again: There is no Democratic front runner for President in 2020!!    
I had wanted to support Martin O'Malley for President in 2020 to get revenge against those who stopped him.  I thought it was just the Hillbots who laughed him out of contention, but it's since become obvious that the Bernie bros undermined him too.  As O'Malley is not running this time, I am seriously considering with Beto, Mayor Pete or maybe California congressman Eric Swalwell - they are all O'Malley protégés, and he's a good judge of character.  Thus, I could still get my revenge against the O'Malley-haters from 2016.  But because there are so many candidates to choose from, Unn D. Sided remains my choice for now (though you can tell I've ruled Bernie out).
And if I do back an O'Malley protégé, I won't be eating Pop-Tarts in symbolic support - they're too carcinogenic. :-O

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