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The Resurgence of Nastasia Urbano

So now that the GoFundMe campaign for Nastasia Urbano is over, how is Spain's greatest model faring now?
Glad you asked.  Nastasia is now living in an apartment she has rented with the money from the GoFundMe campaign set up by her friend Daniel Mirabal Gallego-Díaz and - wait for it! - is now fielding modeling offers.  She's already modeled for a Spanish newspaper, of course, and she's even had a modeling session with her son.  The only thing she doesn't have now is the long, flowing chestnut brown hair that always made her so irresistible, but don't fret over how her short cut makes her look like she's about to join the United States Marine Corps; she'll grow her hair back.
The more important thing is, Nastasia is once again doing what she loves and what made her famous, and she would have been happy working at any old job just to have the comfortable life she has now regained.  And this is only the beginning, as Raul Rodriguez reports in on Spanish Internet news site El Español's "Jaleos Del Corazon" section.  Below is his article, translated and cleaned up by yours truly, about the most remarkable comeback in modeling in twenty years. 

The resurgence of Nastasia Urbano: Top model leaves indigence, returns to fashion and moves into her own home
In recent years, the economic ruin of the model led her to accept precarious jobs and even sleep in the ATM booth of a bank in Barcelona.
Nastasia Urbano, 57, the legendary Spanish top model of the '80s who fell into disgrace and lived in poverty, is seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  According to what JALEOS has learned, her friend Daniel Mirabal Gallego-Díaz has managed to reach the goal for his GoFundMe page for her that was set at the beginning of February.
Gallego-Díaz, also a fashion professional, set up a campaign on the GoFundMe Web site where he requested 6,000 euros so that the former muse of Yves Saint Laurent could pay three months' rent on a small apartment outside Barcelona to live in with dignity.  Now that goal has been achieved by awakening the joy not only in Mirabal but in the very model he has been helping, who has reacted radiating happiness:
"I am the happiest person in the world and I am very grateful and overwhelmed by your kindness and love for me, helping me with money so I can start my life over without worries.  Sometimes I cannot believe that this has really happened to me, how lucky I am to have you.  My love and gratitude is endless and forever.  Your words are forever in my heart, of course, thank you very much also to my friend Daniel, whom I love, for the time and effort you put into this campaign.  Without you, Daniel, it would not be possible.  Thank you, my love, I love you with madness."
In response to Urbano's message, Daniel has responded: "I am the happiest man in the world!  Finally, we have obtained the money that I wished for Nastasia Urbano, since GoFundMe has told me that the amount I wanted for her has already arrived.  Thank you all, you have shown that the world of fashion is much more than lights, poses and five minutes of glory, and for all of you who do not work in this world but have helped Nastasia, I just want to just tell them that they are the most important ones and that makes us magical.  You have the power.  Thank you very much. "
The new life of Nastasia Urbano
According to Gallego-Díaz, the leader of the whole "Nastasia Urbano operation," Nastasia is "happy that they have given her all the money she needs, they have been great and they have given all sorts of help.  They have contacted me because it has been a campaign that has had a lot of repercussions. Nastasia is exultant, she is happy, she already has her apartment, a small one, and she has her dog . . .. She feels as if she has been reborn."
In addition, Gallego-Díaz says that her professional life is also in the midst of changes.  "I've gotten different calls for her from the papers, and the publishers that have come out, I've gotten them myself.   It's been a radical change.  She's changed his life, she has a project, she has a future, she's happy, she has an economic base . . ..  This is very important, she is happy and she is a new woman," he concludes.
 The fall from grace of Nastasia Urbano
The life of the model, who caressed the sky with her fingertips in the '80s and even managed to earn a million dollars for twenty days of work, took a 180-degree turn in recent years.  After being the focus of attention of international designers and brands, economic ruin led her to accept precarious jobs to survive from day to day, and she even ended up sleeping at an ATM booth in the streets of Barcelona.
However, the perseverance of her friend Gallego-Díaz got her back to a place in the media - not only general media but media specialized in fashion.  In statements to this newspaper, Gallego-Díaz has expressed that all of this was "getting out of hand, I knew it was going to happen but they are getting in touch with me, media from all over the world." Gallego-Díaz also says, "Nastasia is overwhelmed.  It's all very important.  [It involves] publications, television networks that have been put in contact: Fox, Univision, a Russian television network, many fashion magazines that want her again. The agency Iconic Focus in New York already wants her, One Models in London, too . . .."

There's no stopping her now.
Nastasia had fallen so hard and so far, her comeback is nothing short of astonishing.  She shows every intention to take advantage of the help everyone's given her and making it from here on on her own. :-)

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