Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Flood This Time

Don't start looking here for commentary on the competition of Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election - not yet, anyway, as no one knows what's in it.  Today, I want to - no, I have to - talk about the flooding in the Midwest.   
Floods like this one along the Platte River in Nebraska have been so devastating that areas that have never been flooded before like look vast inland seas.  The floods were caused by rapid snow melt  and subsequent rain.  There's no place for the water to go, and it's just sitting there until the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers can drain it all out, leaving a lot of productive farm land under water.  To respond to the inevitable charge that it's only March and the water will likely drain out before planting begins, the flood waters are taking away badly needed topsoil - plowed down to almost nothing after decades - and leaving the land a whole lot less fertile.  It would appear that climate change has come to the Republican heartland, though no one there wants to admit it.
America, whose leaders think climate change is a hoax, was smitten with huge fires in California in 2018, and now it's flooding.  The order has been biblically reversed, but the proportion of the flood is consistent with Scripture.          

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