Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Going For the Gold Cup

After an uninspiring game or two in the CONCACAF Gold Cup men's soccer tournament, the United States  scored an impressive victory over Costa Rica this past Saturday to make it the championship game.  Our guys will play Jamaica tomorrow in what could be the prelude to the most exciting World Cup ever next year.  (Jamaica upset Mexico to win its championship berth.)  The United States, contrary to its reputation as the ninety-five-pound weakling of men's soccer, has in fact won five Gold Cup championships, and the team has shown obvious improvement of late.  Could this be the setup for our boys' best-ever showing in a World Cup come 2018?  Could they even be a . . . Cup favorite?
We'll find out soon enough.  I'll certainly be watching the Gold Cup championship game tomorrow night.  It'll be a refreshing diversion from what's going on in Washington, particularly the Russia story.  Ironically, the 2018 World Cup is taking place in . . . Russia.

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