Thursday, June 8, 2017

The 2017 New Jersey Gubernatorial Nominees

It's official: Democrat Phil Murphy,a former ambassador to Germany, and Republican Kim Guadagno, the current lieutenant governor of New Jersey, will face each other in the New Jersey general gubernatorial election November 2017.  Yeah, big surprise.
Murphy is selling a set of progressive policy proposals as a change from lame-duck Governor Chris Christie's right-wing policies, while Guadagno is banking on her more moderate Republicanism as a prescription for change in Trenton.  Murphy was a decent if unspectacular ambassador to Berlin, but that's not what distinguishes him; he's a former Goldman Sachs executive at a time when having worked for the Wall Street firm is politically toxic.  To be fair, Murphy quit Goldman Sachs long before the 2008 financial crisis, and the policies he espouses would likely make his old Wall Street buddies cringe.  But not as much as Kim Guadagno might make New Jersey voters cringe for being Christie's right-hand woman.  Bottom line: It's Murphy's race to lose.
Okay, Phil: You have five months to prove that not all ex-Goldman Sachs executives are total creeps!      

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