Monday, June 19, 2017

Most Storms WILL Be Severe!

This post may be the last you see of me for awhile.
The government's Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Oklahoma placed my part of New Jersey in an enhanced-risk zone for severe thunderstorms today . . . and it placed my part of New Jersey in this zone two days out.  It is extremely rare for the SPC to forecast such a great potential for severe weather for New Jersey that far in advance.
The risks include torrential downpours, gusty, damaging winds, hailstones (the sort that can break a windshield), and even tornadoes.  As fate would have it, my local utility just finished having the limbs and branches over the power lines pruned, so they don't take the lines down in a storm.  Thanks to the ferocity of the storms expected today, and thanks also to all the rain we've been getting, none of that matters.  Because it only takes one mile-a-minute wind gust to take own an entire tree. And there are supposed to be several such gusts today, if not one big sustained 60-mph wind altogether (can you say "derecho," boys and girls?).
And we might get a tree in our living room.
Who needs a hurricane to worry about?  Oh yeah, a tropical storm that has n't even formed yet could send its remnants up my way after hitting Louisiana early this week. 
If I'm back tomorrow, it will be a miracle.  So stay tuned.

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