Thursday, May 4, 2017

Not Again

I thought the Affordable Care Act repeal bill in the Republic House of Representatives was dead.  But after only a month of its failure, the House is bringing it up again, and this time it might go through. The Senate is a different chamber altogether, but the Republican majority will do its darnedest to get it to Trump for his signature.
I also thought that after the rainy April we had, we'd get a break from the wet weather for awhile.  But April downpours being May downpours; tomorrow my area is supposed to get one to two inches of rain - the equivalent of one to two feet of snow - and the ground is still saturated from all the rain from April.
Did I happen to mention there could be thunderstorms also? 
I also thought I'd taken care of my radiator fluid after it got to low and I had a local VW dealer take care of the problem just before New Year's Eve.  Almost four months to the day later, the fluid got too low again, and I had to add water as a stopgap solution.  I called the dealership that serviced my car in December, and the service guy told me that the water I added should fix the problem until my next regular service.  I've since learned from other Volkswagen owners online that if it doesn't, the water pump could be failing.
Oh yes, just when you thought he was gone for awhile . . . James Comey is back!     

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