Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Le President Macron

Hail to le chef!
Emmanuel Macron, the former centrist economy minister of France, was elected the twenty-fifth president of France.  He defeated right-wing harridan Marine Le Pen by twenty percentage points.
Macron has vowed to combat terrorism, keep France as a strong and active player in the European Union and work to gain the trust of France's disaffected blue-collar workers, and he is expected to have France take the lead on climate change from us stupid and ignorant Americans - and invite American scientists to come to France to work on the problem.  
Hey, Monsieur le Président élu, want to invite some American bloggers? 
Macron is not only the youngest man elected president of France (he's 39), he's the first French president of En Marche!, a party Macron, a former Socialist, formed in April 2016 - which, as of this writing, was thirteen months ago.
Democrats, take note - you could be replaced by a new party that could form any day now (Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, I hope you're reading this!).  We could have a new left-of-center party like En Marche! - complete with an exclamation point in its name - by 2020, whereas you, Democrats, could be une marche futile.       
Once again, the French have saved Western civilization.  Nationalist thugs similar to Le Pen have also foundered in Austria and the Netherlands, which also benefits Western civilization.  And America, as another French leader, World War I-era Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau, once said, continues to go from barbarism to degeneration without the necessary interval of civilization.  
And Macron's win has made things so much easier for the International Olympic Committee.  Had Le Pen won the French presidency, the members of IOC, faced with holding the 2024 Olympics in either Paris, a capital of a country run by a right-wing moron in skirts, or in Los Angeles, the second largest city of a country run by a right-wing moron with long ties, would have tossed a coin.  Now Paris should definitely get the Olympics for 2024, especially when it hasn't hosted the Games since 1924.  Everyone involved with the LA Olympic bid committee should just turn out the lights and go home.  
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a passport to renew.            

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