Thursday, March 23, 2017

Comey, Gorsuch, Whatever . . .

James Comey can't not tell the truth.  The FBI director publicly leveled with everyone about Hillary Clinton, and now he's doing the same about Donald Trump.  I love this guy.  
On Monday, he came right out and said there is no evidence whatsoever that Trump got wiretapped before taking office by President Obama, and yet Trump painted himself in an even deeper corner by refusing to admit he was wrong. He did tweet ecstatically when he said that Comey proved that the Russians had nothing to do with influencing the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.  Not so fast - what Comey meant by that was that there's no evidence that the Russians hacked voting machines to stuff the electronic ballot box.  But he does believe that the Russians may have been responsible for the leaks of Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mails and fake-news Internet posts that may have swayed enough people to vote for Trump.
On the other hand, the recent revelation of the government legally recording Trump campaign staffers in 2016 in an effort to get more intelligence on the Russians - not wiretapping, but an action that might have snared more than a few Trump aides - has made the waters even murkier . . .
Be that as it may, even if the Russians did hack the DNC, what they uncovered wasn't fake news.  It was true - an uncovering of real efforts to tip the scales for Hillary and manipulate the voters with a flawed general-election candidate.  And by the way, now that he doesn't have to campaign for her anymore, Martin O'Malley says he's done with the DNC.
I may be done with the whole damn party.  Because, also this week, Senate hearings for the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill a Supreme Court seat President Obama should have been allowed to fill began, and despite the fact that the Republicans are going to get him confirmed one way or another, even if it means suspending the filibuster rule, Democrats have no idea or strategy as to what the hell to do about it.  If they fight the nomination, they'll get steamrolled and look like fools.  If they acquiesce to it, the base will never forgive them, and party disunion will ensue.  
Delay it by trying to tie it to the Russia investigation? You're going to have to do better than that, Senator Schumer.
Those who say we'd be a whole lot better off if Hillary had won and picked Antonin Scalia's replacement on the High Court forget that Democratic hopes of retaking the Senate and controlling the confirmation process faded long before it became apparent that Hillary was actually gong to lose the election.  They also forget that the Republicans were ready to do to any Supreme Court nominee she would have put forward what they did to Merrick Garland - ignore said nominee. And her nominee would not have been another William Brennan or Thurgood Marshall - it would have been a centrist.  Merrick Garland, who's at least slightly left of center,  might be a Supreme Court justice today if the public had pressured Mitch McConnell into allow hearings, but no, the Democratic base was dissatisfied with the fact that he was just another white guy, and so couldn't get excited for him.  Yet another example of identity politics ruining America for everyone.  Now the hapless Democratic caucus in the Senate is trying to figure out how to avenge Garland without having it backfire on them.
But then, who cares when only 43 percent of Americans can name any Supreme Court justices and the other 57 percent are the ones who will be most affected by the rulings of a Justice Gorsuch?  Not that the Democrats did a lot to push the issue in the 2016 elections.
Face it, Democrats, you blew it.  While I'm glad to see Trump cratering, I'm also glad to see you doing the same.  Whig out and let a new party take your place.  It's over.   

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