Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter Forecast: Snow Bright Side

The winter storm predicted for today is expected to be worse - much worse - than previously anticipated.  
What was expected to be two to four inches in northern New Jersey is now expected to be six to ten inches, with as much of a foot in some places.  But the warm temperatures from yesterday have made the ground too warm for the snow to stick too much, right?  Wrong - the sharply colder temperatures will freeze the ground pretty quickly.  But wasn't the storm supposed to start out as rain, which would theoretically hold snow totals down before the changeover?  It's going to start as snow and end as snow.  Period.
But the storm will end soon, right?  Perhaps you weren't paying attention - we could get up to a foot!  If it ends as quickly as expected, we could see snowfall an inch an hour - or more.  But it will only be disruptive, not crippling, right?  It's going to be heavy, wet snow - and if it falls as fast as predicted, it could take down some power lines . . . right before temperatures dip into the teens.
Don't look for a mitigating factor.  There is no such thing with this storm.  Stay tuned.  I may be back. :-O 

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