Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wild Winter Weather

It was somewhat mild yesterday, but it's be warmer with rain today, followed by a mild springlike day tomorrow in advance of . . . three to six inches of snow tomorrow night into Thursday??
What is this, March?
Well, no, it's February, and you don't normally see winter get this volatile this early, and the thought of snow later this week wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that this is expected to be heavy wet snow that could fall at an inch or two an hour. It's not supposed to be a nor'easter, and it should be out of the way quickly, but the nature and rapidity of the snowfall could be as bad as any long blizzard.
The first half of winter is over, but the second half could get more, uh, interesting.  After a brief cold snap, we could get rain this coming weekend.  Some long-range forecasts show a major rainstorm bringing in March like a lion around the first weekend of the month.  
And Donald Trump doesn't believe in climate change.
Meanwhile, French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, well aware of Trump's ignorance of the subject, says that, if elected, he will encourage American scientists and renewable-energy entrepreneurs to move to France and continue their work without fear of being undermined.  It looks like America could be on the wrong end of a brain drain that benefits the French.  Only it's not going to be jazz singers and actors we're losing to France this time.      

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