Saturday, February 4, 2017

Where Paradise Lay

See this?
Well, you're going to see a whole lot more of it.
Congress just passed a law repealing former President Barack Obama's regulation against dumping coal sludge in waterways without proper testing.  Trump is expected to sign it.
Environmentalists are reportedly "concerned"  (actually, more like "outraged," but let that pass).  On CNN, reporter Rene Marsh explained that environmentalists were afraid that this could lead to more pollution, while coal companies complained that the regulation was too cumbersome and cost jobs.  And that was it . . . and that was all.  No in-depth look at the regulation.  No probing questions about the coal companies' opposition to it.  Only that it was repealed, and so anchor Jake Tapper moved on to something else, which I can't remember.  
Meanwhile, a Senate committee, with only the Republican majority in attendance, approved for full Senate consideration polluter Scott Pruitt's nomination to be Environmental Protection Agency administrator, despite a boycott by committee Democrats.  The GOP simply waived the rules that the minority committee members have to be present.  This is the third time Senate Republicans have suspended committee rules to get a Trump nominee sent to the full Senate for a vote.  The Democrats might as well have not even bothered to attend committee meetings . . . and so begins one-party rule.
But, you probably missed these stories about the fascists in Washington laying waste to the environment . . . because you were too busy following the news about Beyoncé being pregnant with twins.

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