Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Cases For and Against Scott Pruitt

FOR:  Scott Pruitt should be the director of the Environmental Protection Agency because he is eminently qualified to streamline the EPA's bureaucracy and devolve authority to the states, where local control is essential to guaranteeing clean air and water to residents, and he understands that the EPA's responsibility does not reach into the free-market realm of energy production, this interpretation of the EPA's mission being a gross and overly broad misrepresentation of its powers.  He is an independent thinker who will take a balanced approach to protecting our environment.
AGAINST:  Scott Pruitt is a corporate douche-bag who's in bed with Big Oil and Big Coal.  And his e-mail correspondence proves it!
It's settled "Against" wins!  Unfortunately, Pruitt has already been confirmed as EPA director despite a court order demanding that he release the e-mails between him and the greediest polluters in America when he was Oklahoma Attorney General.  So, even though the argument against him wins, we Americans all lose.

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