Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hillary Clinton is beginning to speak out about Donald Trump and his insane policies.  Now her supporters are talking about her doing something insane - running for President again.
This is no joke.  She is even rumored to be considering the idea of hosting a TV show about politics as a vehicle for a political comeback. 
Clearly, someone has to put a stop to this.
Hillary was a lousy presidential candidate and a smug politician with a sense of entitlement.  Why would anyone want her to be the Democratic presidential nominee again?  Oh, right, because she got three million more popular votes than Trump.  Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000, but didn't win as big a margin as Hillary did in 2016.  His narrow popular vote win allowed Democrats to come up with all sorts of excuses why he shouldn't run again.  (And he didn't.)  Plus, Hillary is a woman.  So what if playing the gender card - running as a female candidate rather than as a candidate who happened to be a woman - backfired?  La la la, first female President! 
Seriously, I wish she hadn't done as well as she did in the popular vote, because now the Hillary cult is even more determined to push her again in 2020.  And she and her supporters continue to blame everyone else - the Russians, the white working class, the Bernie Sanders supporters, even former President Barack Obama (for not doing enough about the Russians) - while Hillary refuses to take the blame herself for simply being a bad candidate.
Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster, found out something very interesting during one of the fall presidential debates.  He was with a focus group in Ohio, watching the debate, and the voters reacted more viscerally to Trump because he was presenting himself as a fighter despite being a lousy, ill-prepared debater, while Hillary showed no fight and no empathy despite being correct and learned on all the issues.  I remember that debate (it was the second one, and the only debate I bothered to watch).  They both looked awful, but Hillary looked so self-satisfied, she looked as if she had already won the election and was ready to claim victory before anyone had even voted.  Overconfidence will do that to you.   
And there's another thing . . . Remember when Donald Trump called Hillary a nasty woman?  Now, I'm not going to suggest that Hillary is a nasty woman, but I seem to recall that, in the December 2015 Democratic presidential primary debate, Martin O'Malley spoke angrily and passionately about gun control, and a pompous Hillary cackled, "Get a grip, Martin!"  Whether Hillary is nasty or not, that was a nasty thing to say.   
Anyway, the 2016 presidential election revealed that Hillary was running for President based on of a sense of entitlement as much as Donald Trump was running for President based on of a sense of ego.  She clearly didn't care about anything else, as evidenced recently by the fact that Bernie Sanders took part at a women's march on January 21 in Montpelier, Vermont and Martin O'Malley attended the women's march in Washington that same day . . . and Hillary didn't march at all.  She only appeared at the Washington march in the form of life-size cutout images.  And they were more lively than she is. 
2020? Maybe Hillary should just . . . cut out.

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