Sunday, February 12, 2017

Because The Wind Is High a Third Time . . .

Oh, wonderful.

My electricity stayed on during the snowstorm this past week all right, and it looks a threatened snowfall for this coming week may not amount too much but tomorrow my area may be - and will likely be  - under a high wind warning for a third time this winter (there's a high wind watch as I type), with the promise of another outage opportunity.
All over New Jersey, in fact.
Forget terrorism.  My biggest fear is the weather.  Trump would make me feel a whole lot better if he suddenly realized that climate change is a bigger threat to our safety and happiness than the Islamic State.
Did I happen to mention that AccuWeather is predicting an ice storm for early March?
Okay, it's eighteen days out, and AccuWeather's predictions for an ice storm for fewer days out than that have proven to be erroneous in past winters, but there's always a first time for AccuWeather to live up to its name, isn't there? :-O      

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