Thursday, January 19, 2017

What a Mess . . .

The inspector general of the United States is investigating FBI Director James Comey's handling of the investigation of Hillary Clinton's e-mails, while the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee has decided - reluctantly - to investigate charges of Russian hacking into the election.  And all this comes just before Donald Trump gets sworn in as President.  
Meanwhile, Trump has managed to tick off the entire European continent, dismissing NATO and the European Union as irrelevant and risking bitter relations between the United States and EU members - and, by cozying up to the Russians, possibly risking the independence of the Baltic States as well. 
And while all this is going on, Trump  has reached out to Martin Luther King III even as he dissed John Lewis because the Georgia Democratic House member and civil rights icon actually . . . expressed concern that the presidential election might have been rigged! Heavens to Betsy, a congressman actually spoke his mind!  What next?
Meanwhile . . . let the demonstrations begin!  People are marching to protect the Affordable Care Act.  A women's march against Trump is slated for Saturday.  People are calling their congressional representatives (both houses) every day to demand action against the policies of the incoming administration.  How cute - they actually think the Republican majorities in Congress will listen!  
I'm sorry . . . I just can't comment on this any more than I already have.  Suffice to say, the system is so broken, it's no wonder we'll never get any high-speed trains in this country. 

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