Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ethic Cleansing

Not my pun - came up with that one - but still a perfect title for this story.
It seems that Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives tried to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), over the objections of their own leaders.  How did they defend it? As Representative Steve King (R-IA) allegedly explained it this way.  He said he was concerned with anonymous parties accusing House members of unethical behavior out of the blue (or out of the blue states), and he was afraid that the OCE could leak information to the media, preventing a fair process of justice.  King cited examples of the OCE having leaked information before.
Oops! Correction: He couldn't think of any examples.  He told reporters, "Just Google it."  
Perversely, Donald Trump was instrumental in the effort's ultimate failure - along with the calls from outraged constituents all over America.  Trump said that his incoming presidential administration has more important things to worry, about like health care and tax reform, and he's ticked off at the very idea of trying to gut an office that's supposed to be keeping Congress honest on behalf of the people.  You know a Republican idea is bad when ever Trump doesn't like it.
Representative King has since gone back to his ongoing obsession - pushing legislation that would ban the Supreme Court from referring to its own rulings on the Affordable Care Act as precedent in future health-care cases.
Just Google it. I mean it. 

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