Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Because the Wind Is High . . .

An Arctic cold front has gripped the U.S. midsection.  Weather forecasters saw it coming as recently as last week.  But it least it didn't look like it would affect the Northeast.
Uh, it kind of is.
Temperatures are going to be below freezing.  But the early forecasts suggested that wind wouldn't be a problem, and so wind chills wouldn't be a problem.
Uh, they kind of will be.
There's a wind advisory for where I live tomorrow.  Bu there's no threat of a high wind that could topple trees and power lines and possibly cause my house to have a 39th outage (after two momentary outages this month, denying us an outage-free year, calendar or otherwise, once again) in the freezing cold, is there?
Uh, there kind of is.  There's a high wind watch on top of the wind advisory.
And then comes snow that changes to rain when it gets mild again on Saturday.  But there's no threat of significant accumulation, is there?
I'd better stop there . . . 
I may be back soon.        

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