Thursday, October 27, 2016

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Back in September, I had the tires on my 2012 Volkswagen Golf checked, as they came with the car when I bought it new.  The mechanic at the repair shop I went to said I had about another seven thousand miles to go on them before I needed to replace them.   
I didn't even have one thousand miles left on them.
Earlier this week, I drove over a piece of wood from an old article of furniture someone had thrown out, and my left front tire began losing air.  I took my car to the same repair shop and left it with the mechanic - a different mechanic from  the one I'd spoken to earlier.   I expected to pay fifty dollars for a patch.  I ended up paying much more for . . . four new tires.  They were so worn and so weathered, it was imperative to replace them immediately.  Even after I'd checked the tread myself with a tread gauge and put in the treads enough dimes to pay for my new tires to make sure they were all right,and even after I even got a second opinion to confirm it . . . well, I'm still recovering from the shock, and so is my wallet.  But it was either get new tires now or take a risk later . . . as in the next day.
I have to get used to my 2012 Golf aging.  It's due for its first state inspection.

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